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User Engagement

Powerful Global Distribution

Take advantage of our global partnerships with companies like Alibaba,, DuckDuckGo, Microsoft, and Sprint.

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Grow Your App

Our global partnership with Alibaba allows you to reach over 100 million users in China and beyond.

Monetize Your Users

Introducing Deep View™, a new and more engaging ad format pioneered by Quixey.

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It All Starts With Deep Linking

Make your app deep-linkable to get distribution in the Quixey search network and allow users to dive directly into your content via Quixey’s Deep Views™

Need a deep linking standard? We believe AppURL is the best choice.

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Powerful Analytics

We’ll help you to measure your success by recognizing consistent user behavior patterns to give you complex insights into how people actually use your app.

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Build Better

We make it easier for you to build out and add cool new features to your app. Check out our full list of developer tools.

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